Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Friday, June 19, 2009


I was thinking about this today. How so many people are so absorbed in their own lives and what is going on they miss what is going on around them. I think I am a pretty observant friend. However, sometimes they tell me something that totally confuses me. Like how did I miss that?? I am so happy to say that this rarely happens and is usually when they don;t want to talk about something anyway. I just think we all become so absorbed, key word for the post, in what we are doing we lose the opportunity to see what the people around us are going through and help them. Last night I was at the dreaded Walmart to get a few things and Steve's med, those observant people know he has been home sick all week. Back to the story, we were waiting in line and I started talking to these people that had a tiny little baby with them. Come to find out they were going through some things that I have dealt with in the past. We talked for a long time and actually chatted on the phone later that night. Now, do I think I am a wonderful person, well maybe, but really I think I forgot what I was there to get and focused on someone's need because that is what we are all here to do. We all have things to do, groceries to get, but sometimes we have to lay down those lists and look at the list of eternal importance. That importance is helping those around us having a smoother ride here on earth. I hope that I can get better at this. Sometimes with four screamers at the store or the park or even at home I think that I miss out on some opportunities to help other people along their own journey. I get too absorbed in what I am doing and lose sight of what I am supposed to be doing. This sweet lady reminded of why I really went to the store. I went out into the world find someone who was in need and fill that need. Getting my groceries should always be second in my mind. I remember a talk once where this lady, yes that is how my memory works, talked about how every morning she prays for the Lord to guide her to those people that need her help that day. I am not at that point yet, sometimes I just want to wallow in my own challenges. One day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So to vent, don't we all have to do that sometimes?? I broke my little toe. Since I never do anything half way I broke it all the way through, I guess there are 3 bones in your toe one of which is inside your foot. Well that it the one that I broke. So I get to wear some super fancy shoe for the next 4 weeks. YUCKY. Not my favorite thing. I am so not a shoe person. I hate socks. So you might say that it might be a bit annoying to wear this thing that is hot and sweaty and feels a bit like a board of wood strapped to my foot. Humm... Might be a whiner today. Too hard, how come people think this is an excuse not to do something? Isn't life in general too hard? I have been hearing this alot lately from all kinds of people and situations. I am trying to teach the kids that nothing is too hard to do. I also tell them you are never lost just getting to see things you wouldn't see if you went the other way. Thanks Cory , we will get there it just might take us longer. We would head off in some direction not really knowing where we were going and decide later and sometimes it would take us twice as long to get there since we took the long route. So fun. I digress. Back to the whining. I am so annoyed right now. I don't know why people think things should be easy. If you want something you have to invest something into it. I was talking to my friend the other day about this. How some people think that you should be the one to call, go over, email, blog, send a telegram, that the person on the other end can just sit around and let you do all the work in the relationship. I am sick of work, being a mom is so much work, not being able to walk around like normal is work. I am trying to be positive and think how grateful I should be that this will all go away in a few weeks, not one of my strong suits. I just think that anything that we want we have to work for and that includes relationships. My good friend I think that you are so right. Well, what a whiner. I work hard at my job and sometimes I get tired of all the whiny moms out there. I mean yes it is hard and yes nobody really has time to invest in relationships outside the walls of your home. Those little people are so emotionally demanding. But you make time and find effort so we can all love and support each other. GRRR. I need to get more exercise and get those happy chemicals going again. Just expect grumpy Stacy for a couple more weeks.