Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Monday, February 25, 2013

Why I Run

While I was running this weekend, and I use the term running loosely, I thought why do I do this to myself. Granted I do enjoy a good run, I love how it feels and I enjoy the time to clear my mind and push myself physically. But what gets me to lace up my shoes?

Well what makes me put on my brace, my compression sleeves, then my shoes? I look like a real circus act when I go running. I feel bad for the people that are willing to go run with me. 

I do not run outside in the cold. That would be crazy. No cement under my feet here.

I run for my kids. I run for the life that I want to live not watch pass me by. I want to run on the beach, play soccer at the park, chase my kids down when they run away. I never want my lack of dedication to my physical health to hold me back. 

I have some physical limitations. I can’t do everything that someone else can do. I can do it in my way to my potential. That is all I expect from myself, a dedication to my physical health so that I can live life and play with my kids. 

Running is a sport I love. I won’t say that it is a “fun” sport or something that doesn’t come with some injuries. As my awesome Physical Therapist said, “If you keep running I am sure to see you again.” It is a sport that clears my mind, fills my soul and body with good feelings and strength. I am glad that after so many years I started running again. I am grateful for the life that it has given me and the life in turn that I can give to my husband and kids. It’s just a bonus that because I wear compression sleeves I don’t have to shave my legs first.