Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Sunday, November 23, 2008

8 favorite TV shows:

1- Food Network
3- Samantha Who
4- Bones
5- Chuck
6- The Office
7- Eli Stone
8- Those are the only ones on my TiVO like thing

Here's 8 movies I love:
Not a movie person, the last one I went to I was pregnant with AInsley

8 favorite restuarants:

1- Biaggi's
2- Market Street
3- Red Lobster
4- Red Robin
5- Red Iguana
6- Salt City Pizza
7- This tiny chinese restaurant in downtown SLC, I don;t know the name
8- Cutlers

8 things that happened yesterday:

1- Slept in
2- Cleaned out the house
3- Gave tons to DI
4- Watched TV
5- Made lunch and dinner
6- Nothing more it was Saturday!!!

8 things I look forward to:

1- Friday
2- Going out again
3- Eating out
4- Quiet, Hot Showers BY MYSELF!
5- Talking with friends
6- Thanksgiving!!
7- Sleep???
8- Weekends!!

8 things I love about Fall:
1- The weather!
2- Soups
3- Hot Chocolate I only like the cheap stuff
4- Thanksgiving
5- Baggy sweatshirts
6- Trees that are on Fire
7- My Anniversary
8- I love the fall colors. So warm and cozy!

8 things on my wish list:

1- New Floors!!! Should get then this year!!!
2- Clothes
3- Food Storage
4- MiniVan or something that fits the family better
5- To be perfect in living the gospel
6- Vacation
7- Financial Security
8- For my children to stay close to the gospel and make all the right decisions

Monday, November 17, 2008


So this is my first year to host Thanksgiving. I am a bit nervous about it. I am having some bad karma going on right now that I hope levels out before the big day. My stove is broken, not dead out on the curb broken, but broken nonetheless. They are supposed to come and fix it on Monday which is cutting it a bit close for me so I will hope I make things right with the universe before then. Steve and I went to IKEA this last week to get a new table that I wanted that was on sale. I was so excited that it would fit everyone that was coming. Well, you see that karma thing got in the way again and something about they were defective happened and I still have no table. I called and they said they are thinking sometime in the next two weeks. I guess that means, Christmas time??? GRRRRR!!! Oh well, I guess I will have to survive. I ordered a new steam cleaner for the floor that is coming this week. I am hoping that this is when I luck turns around and it doesn't come broken or something. I wonder what I did to offend the universe. I better figure it out soon before I food poison all of my Thanksgiving guests or something worse.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Why is it when you want your kids to be good they turn into crazy screaming monsters. Which in turn seems to turn me into a crazy screaming monster as well. I mean really what is it about needing them to be good or act their age that makes them revert to the crying fits of a two year old. I was pondering this in the quiet that resulted from sending the kids to their rooms after a brawl over a book. Yes, it was a full on brawl with screaming and pulling, rolling around where I was not sure who was who. I just grabbed and pulled whoever that arm belonged to off the pile. So in this quiet after the great storm of screaming I wondered why it is they do that. Do they have a sixth sense that says mom needs me to be good but I feel a bit naughty instead? Any ideas on how to cure this crazy behavior. I mean really I am just trying to survive this "stage". Don't tell me this is not a stage I am not sure I could handle thinking about the next million years hearing the screaming yelling children I have produced. I do love them but sometimes that make we want to run naked screaming down the street!!!