Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hole? What hole?

I might be in love. The little one picked this skirt out for the first day of school. She picked the fabric and the sparkly ribbon and the pattern. Everything in this skirt is her. I was finishing sewing the third tier to the second, very end of the project and caught the second in the serger. YICKES. Big hole in the middle on the second tier about 5 inches long. What to do.... I ran to the ladies at Bernina's and found her old dance teacher that suggested I do applique with one of the flowers from the bottom fabric. So the lovely ladies helped me learn this new skill. I really love it. I think I might put a little appliqué on everything I own. I am making her a shirt match by putting a flower from the fabric on it too. Look for that by Monday when school starts!!!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Raining and Pouring

So I think that it is true that when you start tumbling down a hill you gain momentum and it just keeps going and going. Things have been crazy around here lately. I was telling my wonderful husband the other day that I know that I tend to withdraw when things getting a bit too intense for my comfort. I am one of those people that insists on pushing their own grocery cart around the store hobbling around on a pair or crutches. Yes that is me. I am so incredibly independent that sometimes I just dig my heels in and get done what needs to be done. One thing that isn't in my vocabulary on a regular basis is, " I need". Not that I think that there are not people around that would come to my aid if I was to ask, it is just not something that I do. So now for my purge. Here is my latest craziness. First, about a month ago I broke my foot. Not a good thing to break, I guess that the foot is a super slow healer and I am here to tell you that it is true. Still a bit bothersome when I try to do things that you might not think should be hard. When I went into the doctor I was told yet again that my body is not doing so well after the last baby. I finally made an appointment with the nephrologist. When I went I found out that I have kidney damage from some unknown source as of now. Which means more tests and more feeling yucky until either they empty the bank account or find something notable that will aid them in some concrete clinical diagnosis. Needless to say not a super fun experience. Especially when there is talk about some huge needle they stick in you and suck a part of you out to look at under the microscope while you are left with a big hole in your organ. I mean where we really made to have parts of us taken out? I can tell you I might pick some different parts to be taken off... That might be a whole different story. Then my sweet daddy got the swine flu. Being a asthmatic he had to run up to the ER only to find that they were all out of medicine. My lovely husband had them call in the medicine here and he drove the medicine to him. It look a few days but he is better then ever now. Now the love of my life will be gone to two different places in two weeks time. One of my favorite people is moving away from me. Yes, you big jerk, I might be a bit sad you are leaving me behind. So there is my whining. Now I can move on to bigger and better things. You see I am also a firm believer in that after the steep slope down that the only way to go is up. So now and I moving forward and up to something bigger and better.