Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Monday, June 18, 2012

Stupid things

So I just have to say sometimes people say stupid things. I am sure that I am frequently one of those people. But then again I think we all probably are.

I wanted to scream at someone today, "If you only knew what my life was like you wouldn't say stupid things!" But then again they don't. Things that stress me aren't a part of their life. I think they probably feel the same way about me when I say stupid things to them.

One of those times that I wish that we could see into each others souls and see that is going on inside. I think if we could then we would understand other people better and we could feel like they were understanding us better.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


It seems so hard to be grateful for what you have. This is a real trouble that I have with blogging. You see when I read someone else's blog I think snap their life is cake and filled with roses. But thing is a actually know some of these same folks. Yep that is right like know them like real actual people in real can reach out and give you a hug land. I also know that their lives are filled with roses but also they are filled with trials and heartaches. They have to endure things that I take for granted or even sometime resent.

My kids are having some serious summeritis. Am I the only one? Man it is like when the weather turns nice they turn into yelling, screaming, greedy monsters. Nobody feels the need to clean up after themselves or do chores or use manners. It's like living with 5 mountain men that have lived alone their whole lives or maybe were raised by wolves. Really it might turn me into the scary monster at the top of the mountain that all the natives are for sure will eat them alive.

These are the days that I look at my friends that have smaller families or kids that are older and I think, if they only knew how easy they've got it!!! But I know some of these same friends hearts ache for the sound of a baby screaming and a toddler peeing all over the floor. I know they would trade in the peace and quiet in a heart beat for the noise and craziness that is my life. I also know that each of my kids are such a blessing and I would never feel complete without each of them in my life. I couldn't live with just two kids, which 3 would I think my life would be better without??? Yep, I am good with my choices and the blessings that God has seen fit to assign to me.

Moral of the story is I wish that we could see all the things in our lives that others look at and wish that they had. Maybe we should all sit down one day and start writing little notes to each other that say, "man I sure with I had ....., tonight you should make sure you thank the Lord for that blessing, because man I would be so happy to have it."Maybe then we could see ourselves and our lives the way that others see us.

I often look and my kids and think what my Father in Heaven must be thinking and feeling about all of us. I think being a parent has given me a perspective of that relationship that otherwise I wouldn't have. This week in the craziness of the summer monster infestation, it was that NO mean NO. It doesn't mean ask me again in the next five minutes and all the sudden I will change my mind and say yes. I think sometimes I need to step back and stop bugging the Lord and except that right now the answer is no. But just like my kids it doesn't mean a little bit down the road you won't find me asking again.