Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I "borrowed" this from my friends blog. I loved how she put things and wanted everyone to share in her brilliants. Thanks for the inspiration Esther.
Dear Lord, it's such a hectic day
With little time to stop and pray
For life's been anything but calm
Since You called on me to be a mom
Running errands, matching socks
Building dreams with building blocks
Cooking, cleaning, and finding shoes
And other stuff that children lose
Fitting lids on bottled bugs
Wiping tears and giving hugs
A stack of last weeks mail to read
So where's the quiet time I need?
Yet when I steal a minute, Lord
Just at the sink or ironing board
To ask the blessings of Your grace
I see then, in my small one's face
That you have blessed me
All the while
And I stop to kiss
That precious smile

As a mother I clean cloths, make food, organize, wash dishes, clean bathrooms, change sheets, match socks, vacuum carpets, sweep floors, and then I start all over again. But that is not all. In between all of that stuff I sing, read stories, dance, build buildings, change baby doll's clothes, play with trucks, kiss boo boo's, color, and sculp with play dough. But that is not all. On top of all that, I take care of a garden, mow the lawn, push kids in swings, grocery shop, visit the library, host a play group, and try to fit in an bit of exercise. Where one activity ends another one has started or is half over. As I look at my to-do list that seems to multiply, as I complete one item 3 more are added, I ask myself, what are the most important things? The kids have got to be the most important, for the laundry, dishes and toys did not make me a mother it is the children that did. As I think about my mother the one word that immediately comes to mind is love. I believe that a mother is given love to fulfill her role. That love will help me to teach, comfort, forgive, guide, create, inspire, and elevate the souls that have been in trusted to my care. It will also help me to create an environment that is safe, clean, organized, lovely, and inspiring.


The to-do list is not necessarily chucked out the window, stuff still has to get done, but my focus has been realigned. My job is to love my husband and my kids. That is all. Everything else falls into place when I remember who I do, what I do, everything for. Motherhood is not some complicated equation full of unknowns and derivatives, it is simple. Motherhood = Love.

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.- Famous Tenneva Jordan

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So I made skirts for the big girls yesterday. I love them. Thanks so much to my good friend Annie for sharing her abundance and letting me use her serger. I so need one now. After a long fight with the thing we made peace and I fell in love. It is so nice!!! I think it is so nice when people share what they have with their buddies. I also go an egg this week from a neighbor to make my yummy cookies. One day I might be able to support myself but until then I am so thankful for those around me that help me live a fuller life.