Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Thursday, December 31, 2009


So I think I lost my mother of the year award. And so close to the end!!
I refused to share the last cinnamon roll with my son.
He cried!
I ate!

I find that so many people look so nice on their blogs.
I think I need a make-over.
For sure a new hair cut, maybe color??
Suggestions please.

Been so busy making over the house. Must post a picture of my nicely folded fabric.
Now I am going to make something lovely.
Or finish something I have already started....

I have an unhealthy addiction to sleep.
I love it and it sometimes HATES me.
Wish we got together more.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What I learned today...

1. Apparently this is a naughty website. My previous post was soo scandals that my husbands work filter would not let him take a looky.

2. Somehow the doctor think that if they admit they have no idea what is wrong with you that alone should make you feel better.

3. I make things way harder than they need to be. Just go buy something and get over yourself!

4. One day I will get myself to be a schedule person. But it might be just in time for me to die.

5. As I type this my husband is stilling on the floor of our closest with mega blocks making a very tall tower. I think it might be his way of cleaning them up. (Side note, son keeps them in there so he doesn't have to share.)

6. My new no sewing after time is 9:30. Nothing good happens after 9:30 I tell ya! NOTHING!

7. If something doesn't work right just oil every part of it that you can see. It works I promise.

8. I am tired and it is time for bed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hooking UP and Snow

Like that title??? Two things that are related yes but not in this post. I did however read an article about how more babies are conceived in the winter months. Gotta keep warm somehow! So the other day I was out shoveling the snow. You see that is what happens when your husband is out of town half your life, you get really good at shoveling snow. I also noticed that the trash can was still out three days after it was picked up. I miss the south!! What happened to the whole neighborhood feel? I think if you were an eighty year old women you would still have to get out that shovel and drag your trash out here. GRR. Can you tell that I am bitter. I think that it is really sad when neighbors don't look out for each other. I miss the south where everyone treats you like family.

Ok, on to the hooking up. So I have to tell you I am totally grossed out. I was watching a show the other day where they met someone and hooked up for the night. I am totally grossed out by that. Here you are with someone that you know nothing about, sharing yourself in the most extreme way possible. Seems really gross to me. Might be a bit naive, but I think it is totally gross! Maybe one day I will grow up and be all excited about people meeting and hooking up and not remembering the persons name in the morning. But I would not hold my breath!! GROSS!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gotta love it!

So I had just a lovely evening. I got to hang out with two of my bestest buddies. It was a blast and the kids all got along well. Nobody made anyone else bleed, what else can you ask for really?? I love that my friends feel comfortable enough to drop by or come over and hang out and let me feed them. You see I am a southern gal after all and if there isn't food it isn't really home! Having a husband that travels all the time it is so nice to have friends that I can call when it is my turn to be home alone and bored out of my mind and so over staring at my walls. I love my friends and my heart breaks when they are having troubles, but it makes my heart happy when I can help them in some small ways. To me my friends are like family. You love and protect family with everything that you have and everything that you are. On a last strange note, we cleaned up the whole house except the kids toy room. (Well ok not their room which is a total disaster!!) They have some kind of play that they were working on and had not finished so to get them to bed I promised not to touch anything in there. Well as I sit here my eye is twitching knowing that it isn't clean. I love to welcome the morning with a clean house and then let them enjoy it all day. So if you want to see the house clean, schedule a showing from 8pm-6am, otherwise know that 4 kids and all there friends live here and we love it!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


So world are you ready? Ready for a post where I don't just whine the whole time about who rough life is?? Well here you go, strap on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

I have had a wonderful weekend. It started on Friday. I got a bill, WHAT! yes I know, this bill is for the little one that is about to turn one. Who is excited about a bill, well me when it takes a YEAR to get it taken care of. So finally our insurance decided that the hundreds of dollars we send them a month was enough to actually pay a claim. I got so happy when I got to call the people and pay them my part. YES, done with that!!

Next I called AT&T to see about this new corporate discount thing. They are more than happy to sign you up for your discount for a $36 fee. Um, what? So in like six months I make that back right? Seems silly to me too. Anywho, the nice lady added a credit to my account for $36 bucks. SWEET! Ok here is where it gets really good. I told her that was so great and that I had just forked out 300 bones to the dr today and was feeling kinda poor so I appreciated her help. This sweet lady then proceeded to add an additional credit to my account to cover next months bill, just to help out this holiday season! Can you believe it???

Then I got to go to lunch with the ladies at one of my favorite places. I even got to eat my food while it was warm. And I only had to share when I wanted to!! It was so much fun and I am so greatful for good friends. I was just thinking as I am laying here with a bit of a tummy ache that I know I could call and 11pm and that my sweet friend would run to the store to get me my 7up just like if it was 11 in the morning. Sweet ladies!!

Here is the scary part. I got home yesterday from my me time and slid right past our street in the snow. It was not fun! It took me 3 tries to get the stupid car to actually go where I was steering it. Then I slid off the driveway into the yard once I got home. Then I decided we needed new tires. Off we went, my first born riding with me in the death trap, I know mother of the year on that one! We were almost there when I lost control of the car. We slid sideways for a minute and them just started spinning and spinning. I asked her how many times we went around and she said she thought at least four. We stopped in the turn lane right before we crossed into oncoming traffic. Which means we slid/spun across three lanes. FUN! Well she thought it was fun, just like a ride. She actually said she was upset that it was illegal and we could not do it again. I am so grateful to the people that were aware behind me that stopped when we first started sliding. As we were sliding I saw both of them brake and stop to wait so they did not hit us. By the time we stopped the car was stalled and they continued to wait for me to get it started and back on the road before they passed. I hope I can be that person for someone one day. Made the whole thing a bit less scary.

So there you go. I know that we surely had some blessings pouring down this weekend. I aim to make myself worthy of them this week. Right now there is someone out there that is praying for help, don't worry, if I can help you I will find you this week. I want to be the answer to someone's prayer like these sweet people were to mine. Thanks for listening to me gush about the good times.