Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Confessionals!!!

I confess:

  • I went on a vacation with a super fun group of women.
  • I left all the drama at home.
  • It was super fun.
  • There were 8 of us crazy ladies that went and we had a wonderful condo with a private deck with a hot tub all to ourselves.
  • We went shopping and to this super yummy restaurant. All kid free.
  • Why is this a confession??
  • Well, I only invited 7 other ladies on this vacation and left everyone else at home. I might feel bad about that.
  • But hey not everyone can get along for an over night trip. Some choices had to be made!
  • Stop making me feel guilty!!
  • To be honest I don't like most people enough to last two days with them.
  • Shocker!! I am not such a long term people person.
  • I'm good with short periods of time but then I'm good at home with the husband.
  • It makes me sad that so many people aren't happily married.
  • Really, I've discovered most people aren't.
  • I sometimes want to strangle by husband but he really is my best friend and I would rather do things with him than anyone else.
  • By things, I do mean things... but really I'm just talking everyday activities.
  • I confess I like my husband. :)