Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life Questions

What's up with the world? Seems like everyone is having a happy ending and I want mine. We have been searching for a new job for 2 years now. Still looking... Watching other people move on to new jobs and new places and loving it. Meanwhile, I sit here growing slightly bitter about the waiting game.
How to you survive the waiting game? You know where you do all you can and put your trust in the Lord that things will work out?
Real trouble here is that I got the wonderful idea to save some money. Sounds like a good idea, well here is the trouble. I cut down our cell phone minutes. Let's be honest those people are trying to bankrupt us all. Well, now I have 5 days left in the month and I am totally out of minutes. I got rid of my long distance plan on the home phone to cut costs. So here I am not being able to chat with those friends of mine that keep me sane. Those friends that truly know my soul and how to talk me out of my mental breakdown. You know those friends that get spread across the country, and the world sometimes but that you still love like they live next door? Sometimes I think it is easier to talk to friends that are far away instead of friends that are close. Seems like you can be more honest because you don't have to see them at church on Sundays. You can go on acting like life is all smiley and nobody knows different. Plus, I think when they are not involved directly in a situation they can give better advice.
I need to just relax. Not something that I do well. I like to know what is coming. I like to plan ahead for things. I get a little crazy about it. Which might be why my poor husband comes home to the news that we are going out of town the next day. If I decide to go tomorrow I don't stress near as much and we just go and have fun. If I try to plan weeks in advance I almost kill myself and everyone else. See how this whole waiting game might be the death of me. I would do much better with him coming home one day and saying, "Honey, I got a new job. Pack your bags we have to be there in two weeks." That's my groove.