Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Past, present, future

So as I can't sleep I was browsing the FB page that FB so nicely assigned anyone I am friends with from high school to. There are a few folks from the old school I keep in touch with. People that made a huge impact on my life and helped me through some of the darkest times. Those people that will forever shine a special light in my heart. Browsing around I found lots of friends of friends that I know. It made me think.

I am not good at keeping in touch with people. I think I'm too excited or absorbed with what is in front of me to think about how I got there. I cling to a few people, but mostly once your not in my everyday existence, I move forward without you. Sounds really harsh. Not that I haven't loved people. Connected with them. It's just I think most relationships have seasons. Once that season has passed I'm ready to move onto different adventures.

I firmly believe that people are sent into your life so you can learn and grow from them. So they can aide you in your journey and you in theirs. Once that purpose has been served doesn't it make sense to move forward to new attachments to learn and grow from? Maybe I have a serious screw loose on this one....

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