Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just Listen

Sooo.... I had one of those parent moments this week. You know the ones that make you feel like maybe the worst parent ever. Hum, am I the only one?? Intrigued yet?
Number one was having a super hard time with school. This has been going on for I would say about a month. There has been some drama at school with teachers leaving and such. I assumed that was the trouble. It however kept going on and on. So then I decided that #1 was just bored at school. Poor thing just misses the deadline and really I should have let them move #1 up a year but that was too fast for me. That is my baby you know, slow down that growing up please!! Rambling.
Then #1 did start mentioning some trouble with some kids at school. But you see number one is super sensitive and gets upset when people don't follow the letter of the law. Not sure where that comes from cause mama is soo not like that. All these incidents seemed like they could be explained by overly sensitive feelings.
The real kisser. Last week #1 came home from school and had a great story about an interaction with some kids. BAM! Everything fell in place. I could see now how this was a thing that was building up to something that was really upsetting #1. I could see how all the things that were said over the last month made sense. How it all fit together and that this is what was really going on with #1.
Now mind you nothing really big has ever happened. Nobody ever started to bleed or cry or anything. So don't go calling somebody about how I let my kids get tortured at school and I sit home and eat chocolate, which I can't even have so there!
LESSON LEARNED. Listen to your kids, I mean really listen. So many times we think they are just being difficult or having a challenging personality. Which yes sometimes is all too true, however sometimes it is something more. I would venture to say that usually if you really listen, even to the tiny ones, they are doing things for a reason. There is some reason that they are being difficult or don't want to play with certain kids. I used to be so good at this, you know back when there was only #1. Not so much anymore. They hear, "Just get in the car, we are late!" all to much. I learned I need to slow down and listen to what they are really saying to me. Then I need to do what I can to make their lives better, easier, and happier. They can fight some battles by themselves and should. I think we all know life is hard, they get that from the world. Their mama is supposed to protect and love them. Promise next time I will not take so long to really hear what you are saying to me my love.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I confess:
  1. I was super excited to be the first link.
  2. Might have motivated me to get on with it tonight.
  3. I've been a lazy bum lately sooo not much is getting done around here.
  4. I've never seen Twilight movie or read any of the books.
  5. My husband saw the movie on a plane.
  6. That makes me laugh that he has seen this crazy woman movie and I haven't.
  7. Vampires are dumb.
  8. What lost a follower, sorry still dumb.
  9. I have a horrible self image.
  10. You too? Well, why are there pictures of you everywhere?
  11. Notice not a picture of me in sight? Not even on facebook.
  12. I make sure I get shots of just the kids.
  13. Working on it since I don't want to pass that on to the hordes of girls I/m raising.
  14. Maybe I just need a pair of great jeans.
  15. And some major makeup to cover the bags under my eyes.
  16. Big STEP. I picture of me. Don't I look super happy and perky?
  17. Nope more uncomfortable and exausted.
  18. Just be glad it was on a shower day.
  19. I WAS FIRST!!! Now you go!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So I missed confessionals this week. I was puking my guts out for two days straight. Really made me wonder how I ever survived being pregnant. Not sure I can ever talk myself into that one again! Especially going into a summer without a newborn or being pregnant for the first time in 6 years. Yep, that long people. Baby turned one I was pregnant the last three times. It was a ride. Back to point!

Laying in bed trying not to die you watch a ton of stupid tv. You know the trash that is always on and takes zero brain power? So I was watching Giuliana & Bill. Pretty sure I'll lose a follower on that one. Here are these people that have never been together in the same place more than 12 days that are acting like 2 years olds over closet space. Yes these people are trying to have a baby. Even so far as to get medical intervention involved. Sorry guys, don't want to be mean but do ya think you should work on your relationship before you start adding to your crew? Just me??

I watched a few other choice shows that were entertaining. My husband was being a baby that I watched White Collar and Psych without him. Mind you they come on in the middle of the night. Next time I will wake him when I am puking my guts out. That would be the nice thing to do after all. Don't worry he is still the sweetest man alive. I sent him out for fries tonight. Some reason when I am nauseous salt helps. Might be why I always end up toxemic? Gotta have my salt to survive.

All your pregnant ladies out there my heart goes out to you right now. If I make it through this nasty flu I'll bring you some french fries.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ok so I totally confess that I was cruising facebook for people from high school. Not that I have any intentions of being their "friends." Just want to see what they have done or where they are. Am I the only freak out there??
Sooo I was surprised at how many are still single living their lives alone. I turned the big 30 this year and it seems like I would be sad to be alone. I thought about these women that are living in all these towns around the country with nobody to come home to at night. That made me sad.
I am feeling really thankful tonight for my little family. I chose to have them. I chose to marry the man that I love. I gave up other choices and avenues to be with them. As I cruise other people lives I am thankful for my own.
I might feel unloved as I see the 1000 comments people have on there blog posts. Or when I see people that I knew in high school that own businesses or are living the dream, alone. But I would not trade my little family for any of that. I love ya'll!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Go Ahead and Judge ME

I confess:
  • I cleaned my fridge this week.
  • Super me.
  • If it wasn't only the second time in the three years we have lived here.
  • I guess I have three good no fridge cleaning years ahead of me.
  • My baby plays with legos while I shower.
  • I lock her in the bathroom with me and a box of teeny tiny legos.
  • She likes to put the hats on and off.
  • Yes I know she could choke and die.
  • I girls gotta shower sometime OK!!
  • I took a bike ride alone this week.
  • I have no friends. Nobody would join me.
  • It was good since my legs where moving but the bike was not!
  • Yes I was that person you see and you want to roll down your window and yell, "Just give up and go home, you aren't going anywhere."
  • What, I can't be the only person that thinks that when you pass "runners" that you could walk past. Am I?
  • I am a mom.
  • I love all the glory that comes with it.
  • I would rather do something with my husband and kids than with you!!
  • They are fun.
  • Most of the time.
  • The rest is when you see me "running" around outside screaming.
  • Next time you see me tell me to go home I'm not really running anyways.
  • Love you all.