Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back on the Wagon

A little late but I'm here!!

I confess:
1. I hate drama
2. Just tell me you hate me, don't act nice then dog me behind my back, I can take it.
3. I need a major kid free vacation.
4. Summer off school is kicking my trash.
5. I truly might explode if I hear, I'm bored one more time!!!
6. Most people I think should just go away.
7. I just "dumped" some FB friends.
8. GASP.
9. I know right aren't you suppose to strive for a super high number???
10. Really if I wouldn't invite you over and all I want to do is peak into your life.... Maybe not.
11. I've missed my blog buddies.
12. Wish they would invent a virtual lunch.
13. You know, so we could all go to lunch together.
14. That sounds fun.
15. I think I'll go get a slurpee, they make me less grumpy.
16. Lady trouble=More grumpy!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where did you go....

Oh my, what happened??? I haven't posted for sooo long. Started out with a traveling husband and no time to sit. Then the kids got sick and then well I just got lazy. That happen to anyone else.
Side note. I hate cramps, this post is going to be about my lovely husband but I just had to put that out there. That I really do hate them and I think they should happen. EVER.
Ok I feel better.
My sweet husband is the best daddy ever. The kids are so lucky to get to grow up with him. I always said I wanted at least one boy so he could grow up and be like his dad and make some lady as happy as his daddy has made me. That's what I got, my one little boy. He will be a great daddy one day.
My heart breaks a little every Mother's or Father's Day. I feel for those people that want a child so badly. People that can't have that dream fulfilled. People that are waiting patiently for the day that they get to bring their child home. I truly breaks my heart and I hope they know that we love them and that we couldn't raise our kids without their love and support. That their are kids that love them and will remember them always.
I hope you all enjoy this day with your special little families. No matter what that family looks like.