Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Monday, November 10, 2008


Why is it when you want your kids to be good they turn into crazy screaming monsters. Which in turn seems to turn me into a crazy screaming monster as well. I mean really what is it about needing them to be good or act their age that makes them revert to the crying fits of a two year old. I was pondering this in the quiet that resulted from sending the kids to their rooms after a brawl over a book. Yes, it was a full on brawl with screaming and pulling, rolling around where I was not sure who was who. I just grabbed and pulled whoever that arm belonged to off the pile. So in this quiet after the great storm of screaming I wondered why it is they do that. Do they have a sixth sense that says mom needs me to be good but I feel a bit naughty instead? Any ideas on how to cure this crazy behavior. I mean really I am just trying to survive this "stage". Don't tell me this is not a stage I am not sure I could handle thinking about the next million years hearing the screaming yelling children I have produced. I do love them but sometimes that make we want to run naked screaming down the street!!!

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