Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Go big or go home!! I have been thinking about this phrase this week. I think it is totally my personality. I am a very intense person. I play hard and cry hard. If I do something I do it all the way and dedicate myself to it completely. During a discussion this week I had a friend say to me that she has friends out changing the world while she is changing diapers. ( Sorry for stealing your line..) Which got me thinking about things. It seems like all the women I know feel the need to do something other than Just be a mom. I have been feeling really bad lately that I don’t need to have some side business to make me feel worthwhile. I was thinking what is wrong with me, am I really just a lazy bum that I don’t want to go out and do something more. So when my friend said that it really got me thinking about this some more. Here is what I discovered. Because I am such an intense person I am fully dedicated to being a mom. I am exploring everything that this means. I am learning to do all kinds of homemaker crafts. I am learning to teach my kids all kinds of things from all kids of subjects. I am keeping myself and my family healthy. I am molding our country and our worlds future. I hate some days and love others. I get to feel all kinds of emotions in every single day. Last night I was holding the babe, which I do all day everyday and I don’t truly enjoy. I am not much of a baby person. Point is I was holding her last night when I really could have laid her down. It made me think of how different want to and have to are. I decided that I am a person that wants to be a mom, not someone that has to be a mom because they had kids. Don’t get me wrong some days I want to run down the street screaming but even on those days this is something that I want to do not something I have to do. I could got to work if I wanted to and feel fulfilled in doing something that I love. But for now I find my fulfillment in those dirty little faces that scream mom at me about a million times a day. MOM!!!!!


Tanada said...

Beautiful post Stacey. I wish I could have your attitude. Perhaps one day I will grow up and realize that being a mom is something I want to do instead of have to do. Thanks for setting such a good example.

Butterfly said...

Love the post Stacy!
I feel so much better reading this. I've been feeling the same way about not doing something more than just being a mom. I'm glad it's not just me. I know I'm doing what I am because I want to....even if, like you, I want to run outside and scream, sometimes several times a day! :-)

Cindy said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all children in the world had a mother who wanted to be at home and with her children. Every day isn't perfect but with an understanding of home being the better choice, the other days will be better. I admire with all my heart, a women who takes all of her abilities, all of her talents, all of her gifts and energies and uses them for the building of her family and Gods kingdom.

Your great!