Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So I made skirts for the big girls yesterday. I love them. Thanks so much to my good friend Annie for sharing her abundance and letting me use her serger. I so need one now. After a long fight with the thing we made peace and I fell in love. It is so nice!!! I think it is so nice when people share what they have with their buddies. I also go an egg this week from a neighbor to make my yummy cookies. One day I might be able to support myself but until then I am so thankful for those around me that help me live a fuller life.


{A}nnie said...

Stacy go girl!!!
lovely skirts.

and you most definatly can borrow my serger ANYTIME.....I guess neither one of us should move?


Tanada said...

Sew cute!(get it) Ok I know I'm juvenile but they really are adorable. You are welcome to eggs anytime you need them, as long as I can come and borrow another one the next day, j/k!