Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hairy Legs and Weird Smells

I was getting the girl dressed for school today and thought, man your six year old legs sure do have a ton of hair. The four year old boy, his are still nice and smooth. When does that happen, seems like you are born all hairy. Then something happens and you get all smooth, then you get hairy again. I thought body hair was supposed to be there to keep you warm. You know before we had indoor heat and all that. So is it just not important to be warm from 2 months to 6 years? Makes you wonder what I think about when I am really bored. We made it to school today and I was talking to the teacher when it struck me that I had not brushed my teeth yet. It was one of those whispered things so girly would not hear me. Oh, poor teacher, but sometimes it is all I can do to get all 5 of us in the van so very early in the morn. Boy hasn't had a bath is who knows how long. I lose track of that kind of thing. I know I am a horrible mother. It will be better when he actually leaves the house during the day. I am just not a scheduled person. I can pretend that I will bathe them on certain days of the week but I know that I will not actually do it. So I told him that he had to have a bath today. He said, " A wash bath?" You see sometimes we have fun baths where they just get to play in the water. I told him yes it was a wash bath. He said, "why?" So I told him because he smells. Then we got to play this fun game where he said what if I was over there could you smell me then? This went on and on until he finally found an escape. "What if I got outside and shut the door, can you still smell me?" Gotta ya mom. I will just live outside and keep the door shut. Winner no more baths for him EVER!!! Silly boy. So on this much calmer day we have body hair and bad smelling breath and bodies. I said it was a calmer day not a calm day. Oh, and the baby, well she has given up sleep all together in favor of crying. Maybe that is where my diluted thoughts come from. This lady needs some sleep!!

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