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Monday, November 9, 2009

I am super MOM

So I am feeling pretty good today. See #3 has dance class today, which used to be Tuesday. That worked out really well because #2 was at school, now he has to come with us. We were at dance having a good old time while #2 as playing away on the iphone, when BAM. #3 decides that she wants #2 to be her helper. Since it is a mommy and me class everyone has a helper. So these two little babies of mine were dancing around together having a good old time, thinking that the other one was wonderful. You see the these are moments to remember. When they are playing well together and having a lovely time. So today, I am a good mother that has kids that love each other. Just don't call me tomorrow and ask me the same thing. So today I am thankful for kid # 2 and kid #3. Love you two!!

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Jacque said...

It is very rewarding to know that they do love each other. I bet it was adorable to watch.