Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Friday, April 30, 2010

Want to feel good about yourself??

I confess:
  • I am SUPER
  • Look at my pervious post
  • Check all my friends out, their blogs are great
  • I might be a little too excited about my very first blog award.
  • Best thing that happened this week.
  • The mall and I have broken up.
  • I can't go there without getting the "All those are yours" comments.
  • One day I tell you things are going to get nasty!
  • I might be having some serious withdrawals.
  • I miss my iphone more than I should. I mean I really miss it!!
  • I think my three year old is trying to kill me.
  • Really I do, that kid is soooo hard.
  • She is about to drive me to the edge.
  • I might jump off.
  • Anyone want to come with me?
  • I wonder what is on the other side....


Lourie said...

I think your daughter and my son are in cahoots to do us both in! haha.

Thanks for stopping by my blog

Glamazon said...

Oooh, I'll come with you. It can't be any scarier on the other side than what I am dealing with on a daily basis! We should totally go to the mall together, REALLY freak the old people out. "Do you run a day care?" hahahaha

Thanks for playing!

Jamie said...

Ha, meet my 2 yr old. We can jump off together....

Butterfly said...

You already know about my almost 3 year old....her and yours are kindred spirits......too bad that's not always such a good thing.

Adrienne said...

My seven going on 17 year old will be the death of me if we both make it to his 8th bday I will be Thanks for visiting my blog happy saturday

Fulkerson Clan said...

i will hold your hand and jump with you!!

Kellie said...

I saw a toddler tee the other day that said "Trouble is my business and business is good". Your post made me think of it. I won't jump with you, but I'll take pictures from down below while you fall :)

Kat said...

My grandson is doing the same thing to my daughter-in-law...I think it's in the rules of the 3-year-old club :)

Be, Br, E and A said...

It's so nice to know that there are so many other moms out there who have theories about their kids trying to do them in. I've been pretty convinced for almost a year now that both of mine are in cahoots together. They are definitely trying to kill me slowly.