Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The sicky

So I am feeling much better but this weekend I was sick as a dog. Yep, throwing my guts out and everything that goes with that. So not fun. I hate being sick.
Well the one thing that I like about being sick is that you get to really know the people that love you. Like my sweet husband that stayed home to take over my job. He is a sweet man and the kids have been such sweethearts too.
I also love my sweet friends that have offered to help me. They have run to the store for me and offered to take the kids. You know those friends that notice that you are missing and call you to make sure you are ok.
This whole personal cleaning thing I am loving it! I am not going to let myself feel bad about those people that are upset that I haven't called or been around these last few days. You know the people that I mean. They are mad or offended that you haven't called them. You are laying on the bathroom floor and they are busying wondering why you are ignoring them. So against everything that is me I am going to just let them simmer. I already have four little people where I am the total giver in the relationship. I need people in my life that are give and take.
So to those that love me and run to my aid when I need, I love you. I love all my blog buddies that comment when I am down. If you are laying on the floor throwing your guts out, I'll bring you some Sprite.


Jaymi said...

I think there should be a rule that "mom's can't get sick" Im so glad your cute hubby could stay and take care of you...I hate to admit it but I'm not so sure mine would! maybe I should fake it just to see....haheeeha Feel Better!

Jaymi said...

P.S Thanks for the bloggy love!

Tanada said...

I tried calling you on Monday, it's funny I've been thinking the last few days that I'd like to bring you soup, but I'm afraid of ever bringing a food item in your home. I'm so sorry you were sick, but I'm glad you feel better. I tried calling you again today (I always remember what you say about the phone working both ways:-) I hope I'm one of the former and not the latter. I'm really glad steve could stay home and take care of the kids on monday, it makes a big difference:-) smile, at least you know there are lots of people out there that care about you!

Butterfly said...

Don't forget the saltines with that sprite! :-)

Heather said...

I'd rather deal with two toddlers having tantrums all day than ill and camped out in the bathroom. I'm glad your feeling better, being sick with kids is tough...I don't know how single moms do it!

Melissa said...

Oh stac! I wish i was there to help out! You know I would want to help, I wonder how much I could give from here! Good luck!