Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back on the Wagon

A little late but I'm here!!

I confess:
1. I hate drama
2. Just tell me you hate me, don't act nice then dog me behind my back, I can take it.
3. I need a major kid free vacation.
4. Summer off school is kicking my trash.
5. I truly might explode if I hear, I'm bored one more time!!!
6. Most people I think should just go away.
7. I just "dumped" some FB friends.
8. GASP.
9. I know right aren't you suppose to strive for a super high number???
10. Really if I wouldn't invite you over and all I want to do is peak into your life.... Maybe not.
11. I've missed my blog buddies.
12. Wish they would invent a virtual lunch.
13. You know, so we could all go to lunch together.
14. That sounds fun.
15. I think I'll go get a slurpee, they make me less grumpy.
16. Lady trouble=More grumpy!!


Kellie said...

I agree with all of it, especially #2. I hate backbiters.

Lourie said...

I don't think my comment made it through...anyway...if it I did I guess you get to hear from me twice. :D

Drama bites. Especially teenager drama. Blah!

I haven't heard "I'm bored" yet...but I often hear, "Are we doing something today. It's basically the same thing.

Tanada said...

Love you Stacey, I really do! I'm glad you're my neighbor. You are a great mom and I don't know of anyone who has more fun and exciting things for their kids to do than you! They may say they're bored but if I were their mom they'd die of boredom:-)

Joy Taylor said...

I nominated you on my blog

Be, Br, E and A said...

I'm 100% feeling #2. I might not even really need to go anywhere. I just want a break.

Heather said...

Thankfully mine are too little to say they're bored...but it also means they haven't started school yet which = no break!

I "broke up with" a bunch of Facebook friends too. I'm all about streamlining these days and I just don't have time to read some of the nonsense these people would write for updates...I really don't need to know what they ate for breakfast (or lunch...or dinner either!).

Judith said...

Heather you are so right! But worse than facebook is this nonsensical Twitter. They tell you more than their lunch menu! Ughh :-(