Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Friday, July 9, 2010

Brace yourself...

I confess:

  • I type so much on my phone, that corrects my spelling and conjunctions, that I get confused when I type on a computer.
  • Like hello, why can't it make my cant can't. My phone can, step it up computer.
  • I think I offend people all the time.
  • I just say what I think
  • And what you should think...
  • No not really, you can think whatever you want.
  • I also tend to call people out when the contradicted their options and their actions.
  • It's a pet peeve.
  • Don't act all holy then whore it on the weekend.
  • I'd still love you even if you whored it all the time.
  • Just be real.
  • I am not a good forgiver.
  • Things are deal breakers for me.
  • Once you have proven that you are a crazy, or a liar, or disloyal, your out.
  • No real chance for redemption.
  • I'm a Christian.
  • Hum, maybe I should call myself out, that seems that a contradiction.
  • Nah, I'm immune from my own scolding.
  • Isn't that how it works???


Glamazon said...

Well, I am crazy-but if I'm up front with it, is that okay?

PS-when I put your button on my favorite blogazons, it shows as an image that has been moved or deleted on photobucket. (What the what?) I'm not sure why it's not working-I'm just copying from your button! But I totally love you and follow you-if you can figure out why it won't work (And yes, it could totally be the person trying to use it :) Let me know and you are at the TOP OF THE LIST!

Jaymi said...

I never practice what I preach....Kinda funny really. Though my kids don't think it's real fair. Why do their rooms have to stay clean if mine never is....cuz I'm the mom and I said so that why :)

mandie said...

your friday confessionals need to be renamed "stream of consciousness" or "diarrhea of the mouth"

Anonymous said...

stacy...IM CRAZY....

does this mean Im out?