Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Germ city!!!

So I got some weird throat infection two weeks ago. It was bad, there was no swallowing. So I got a shot in the booty. It got better. Sounds all happy??? Well, now I have a huge sinus infection. My sinuses might explode. Really and I might drown in snot. Isn't it summer time? I think I need a break from being sick. My poor little #1 is super cute. She keeps asking if I feel better yet? Again, and again..... Nope sweetie not yet. Wait until my voice don't sound like an 80 year old smoker.

Anyone have some good news to share? I need some good news. One of my bestest friends just moved away from me. Great for her, I am happy for her, sad for me. I have been sick for like a million years!!! The kids go back to school soon and that makes me sad. So blog world, cheer this sick lady up!!!!


mandie said...

I'm moving MUCH closer. AND you owe me like....10 visits.

Anonymous said...

It isn't good news, but it is funny. Here it is: my dog steals the ripe tomatoes from my garden. Every time. I've yet to harvest a tomato and I planted like 9 tomato plants! Hope you feel better soon! Tricia

Anonymous said...

Well, just an FYI, I have to put a bra on before I can even ATTEMPT to put my socks on. There you go. Now you know that I am in desparate need of a breast reduction. Sheesh. :)
I miss your face!

Kim Merkley Fowler

Amy Jackson said...

I had some time so I read a few old posts from before I became a blogger....I like you more and more, I thought you were a cool person but now shoot, I wanna move back and be bestest buddies! Miss you tons!-Amy