Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am posting my preworkout stats hoping that it will keep me motivated if other people look at it and know that I am still just sitting on my lazy behind!! Annie promised me she would do the same so I will be checking on her... I know some people think that I am already small but I would love to get back to what I was before all these babes appeared on the scene. SO don't be rude or tell me to keep sitting on my bummy!! If you are doing something fun or find some great new place to walk let me know. I will update once every 2 weeks to keep myself motivated. A funny side note. The other night I asked my family how dinner was. The hubby says great and my sweet son says, "It was kinda bad." Nice honest son I have right??

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Anonymous said...

OK----its a birthday deal for me. I will post onmy birthday...:)

you GO GIRL!!! yay!!

sorry your dinner was