Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Monday, April 6, 2009


So I am so ready to move. I really don't do well in the same place for too long. I am a very casual social person but I am not very good at close long lasting relationships. It is amazing that Steve puts up with me!!! We have been here almost 2 years now and I am about to go insane. I know to the average person that doesn't seem like a long time. Well after 6 months I am usually ready to move on so this has been 4 times my comfort zone. I have just found that I expect too much from people and when they don't reach those expectations I am out. I was thinking about it and there is only one person that I haven't ever been done being friends. I usually get over my need for separation but I am in one of those funks right now where I want to run away from everyone and start all over. Maybe I should move to Maui this time. I hear they have good weather.


Anonymous said...

I know you luv ME stacy! :)

and I am on the same boat at you....Im so READY to go!

Tanada said...

You both stink j/k. I don't want either of you to move. But I do understand the desire to start over. It only takes me a week and I'm so worried that nobody likes me that I want to move and start over. With me though generally after a fair amount of time people start liking me, I guess I don't give a great first impression.

MissMeliss{a} said...

You need a hug

Butterfly said...

OH Stacy, I'm soooo with you. We've been here over 4 years and I'm getting the itch. Before we moved here, we had lived at as many addresses as years married. However, the alternative, moving, means most likely ending up somewhere we REALLY don't want to be. Get feeling better!!