Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Running Screaming Craziness

So I took the little ones to the store today. Well two stores. Both of which were absolute disasters. I mean really big ones. Should have learned my lesson from the first store I guess. But no not me, I am the eternal optimist I guess, or just crazy, one of the two. The first store me and all four little ones went to was the fabric store. I know, I know, what in the world was I thinking. So I am looking and little #3 was running around like a crazy manic. I think the lady upstairs got tired of hearing me yell, "come back here, stay by mom"!! She sweetly stuck her head out over the railing to let me know they had a play area for the kids. So off they went to play with the toys. Not soon after I hear #2 yelling at #3 not to throw toys. I mean I am looking like a great mother about now!! So then I round them up with no fabric in hand since I forgot to bring the fabric I needed to match. #3 starts running around again without her shoes, #1 refuses to help find them, she found one and eventually helped find the other. Then kid #2 starts yelling at me that he did not get to play enough, and I mean yelling. Being totally rude to me which I am trying to explain to him in my people are watching voice is not how we talk to our mother. We get outside and he keeps agoing with his rant so I take his arm and lead him to the car. Well you might have thought I ripped the arm off the way that kid was yelling. He does that, I have learned not to run to his aid anymore, the likelihood of a missing limb or finger is small. You say to yourself, I bet this crazy lady took those kids home and locked herself in the bathroom. Well, no I needed my yogurt, I have been craving a peach smoothie!! So we went to the health food store. Which was going ok until I was checking out. #2 decided to chase #3 around the store at full speed. So I had to go running, yes running after them. I caught #3 and sat her on a chair and turned to finish checking out. Oh there she goes again!!! What a fool I was thinking she would sit nicely after getting into trouble. Off I go again. You might be able to picture this in your head and know that I looked like a complete crazy by this time. I got all checked out and the lady said, "have a nice day." I must have looked at her like she was the crazy not me, because she reached over and touch my arm and said, "really have a good day." I said I needed to find someone in charge of this circus before that could happen. She said you already have someone in charge, her.(Refering to #3 the crazy runner.) I thought what a nice lady. She will never know how much that helped me today. I know that someone understood that just because I brought screaming monkeys into the store with me doesn't mean I am a bad mother or person. That we all have those days when our kids are those kids. You know the kids I mean, the my kids would never kids. Well I am here to tell you my kids would and have and will again. Thanks to the sweet lady at the checkout, I just might have a good day despite all the screaming monkeys that call me mom.


mandie said...

Sorry, we can NEVER let Kenzie and Ian be together in the same room. It sounds like an atomic and lethal combination.

Stacy said...

As long as the room is empty and they are alone. Maybe some padding on the walls and floor? Then maybe they would be safe.

Melissa said... are so brave! I am totally impressed. And that you kept your 'people are watching' voice. I think I would have gone into my scary mommy voice and everyone would have been calling DCFS.

I'm so in awe that you go out, and not to one store, but two! You're totally my hero :)

Amy and Ken said...

I love them!

Kylee said...

Who are all these kids and why do they keep calling me mom!

Sounds like my trip to the grocery store the other week. Lillian had apples spilling all over the floor and Cole ran the cart into a disply.

The joys of Motherhood :)

Butterfly said...

Okay it just must be the moon or something. Same thing happened with my kids the other day. I was yelling in my scary mom voice and had people looking at me. I didn't care. It was either that or I was going to break down crying in the middle of the produce department at Smith's!

Anyone else ever ask 'And I CHOSE to have these kids?' :-)