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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Craftiness coming!!

I need to craft. I have been feeling off lately. Which means I need to slow down and do things that I love. So here is my list of projects to come!! Plus, where they came from, the lovely people that created the things I am currently in love with.

Kids Halloween costumes. #1 wants to be a witch, #2 wants to be an Army man or a pirate, #3 wants to be Tinkerbell, and #4 has to be Tigger. That is what I have for her size and I am pretty sure she doesn't care. Can't wait to start these!! I will post my own when I am done!

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Rebecca said...

Wow I was just looking at V's etsy shop the other day too. I have a list of projects I want to make too-- I will have to share my ideas with you and then we can motivate each other to actually finish some of them!! Wouldn't that be great to complete a project! These are fun ones you've listed--oh, and on the Polka Dot chair blog she also made an awesome halloween banner that I think would be fun to do with the kids and pretty easy. I've got to finish Gracie's costume and THEN, I want to do one of these creative somethings!