Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How I love thee

So this should be about my wonderful husband that took fantastic care of me while I was sick. But no it is about my wonderful pots. I love you pots!! All you out there, get yourself some. Get rid of those gross teflon poison pans and get ya some great stainless steal pots. When you die don't expect me not to attend your funeral and rant about how you died from your pots. Yes even if you are 99 at the time, could have made it to 104.

I made the switch about a year ago. You think they are horrid to clean. Um NO!! I am not the best person at watching the stove and have been known to burn things on a regular basis. Couple minutes, brand new pots. Yes, that happened tonight! Yummy coconut chicken anyways.

So take the leap and treat yourself to something wonderful. Do it you will thank me later!!!

I am thinking of getting an esty shop set up. Any suggestions??? And another side health note. Don't get the Great Value potato chips!!! I almost did and they have twice the amount of saturated fat as the name brand ones. Yes half the price, twice the fat!!! Watch out.

Everyone knows this post is how my mind works, never stays one place very long.


mandie said...

You do need to have one teflon pan. for eggs. yes, you do.

Valerie Neal said...

I am coming to your house to cook!! And just for the record, if you do it right you do not need a teflon pan for eggs.

Stopping by from Follow Friday
Valerie @ walkininsunshine
Have a GREAT weekend.

Melinda Arnold said...

Love your pans!! I just invested in a 10" stainless steel and a reducing em!

Liz H said...

Dang it - I thought I was getting such a deal on GV chips. I'm finding a different snack - chips drive me crazy! I want the really expensive ones - but they slaughter my budget, my kids eat them too fast and I feel guilty about spending that much on junk food and eat them!

Liz H said...

DH bought me an awesome stainless steel pot - love it! One is not enough...