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Thursday, February 11, 2010

... Of The Year

First of all I think my kids belong on an allergy commercial. They are all so gross and watery and red. They are the poster kids for allergies. Poor #3 sounds like she has been smoking her entire life. Maybe 70-80 packs a day.

I don't do night time. See I clock out when the kids go to bed. Those kids all got my lovely sleeping trouble. Well, the boy sleeps pretty well but those girls are something else! My sweetest husband takes care of them all night long. I don't think there has ever been a night he got to stay in bed all night since #1 came home from the hospital. Side note, he does travel a ton and gets a super nice hotel to sleep in, so don't get feeling too bad for him!

#3 was up all night coughing and being gross. So he slept in her room taking care of her all night while I had the whole King to myself. See now he got husband of the year and father of the year all in one day, well, night.

Me on the other hand really wanted to leave the boy in the car while I went into the store. Tried really hard to convince myself a screaming four year old would be fine in the freezing car all by himself. Put down the phone, nobody needs to all the authorities, I didn't do it!! But oh it would have been nice to leave that fit throwing kid in the car and walk away. Not sure I am ever going to be mother of the year. I think I see too much of the kids to get that title. I think to be mother of the year your day limit would be 30 min. After that I am sure you will screw up to.

I am really going to try to not take the good parking spots at the store when I am alone or have only a couple of kids with me. Grrr. Some person, who was alone!!, took a prime spot from me today. ME, with three little ones, sick gross little ones. I will never do that to some poor mother again. I think every store should have a I have lost my patience and my mind special parking spot right in front of the door. Mind you that you would never get a chance to park there because I would always be parked there.

I hope that my post today has left you with some warm feelings. You can either know that there are other crazy mothers out there that think about leaving the screaming kids places. Or you can feel better about yourself because at least you haven't gotten as bad as this crazy lady! Come back tomorrow for my confessionals. You never know what you might hear.

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mandie said...

Please tell me you're having another.