Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One More Day

This last week was so hard. #1 had some dental work done and it went horribly wrong. Her tongue and gums got infected and swollen and she was soo sick. I spent a week with a little girl that would not eat or drink. She would randomly drink small amounts. It broke my heart to see her sitting at the table starving wanting to eat but not being able to eat. Really it was one of the worst weeks even. Of course the Hubs was gone, all three of the others were sick. Thank goodness my daddy came to help.
I sent the whole time thinking tomorrow has to be better. Just hold on until tomorrow. But tomorrow was not better. It often times was worse. It just kept getting worse. Until we found the best orthodontist on the planet. He fixed my little girl and made her smile again. All after hours I have to tell you. He met us at the office twice on his own time without us paying him a dime. You can be sure we will be going back.
Because of this sweet man she is back to my sweetest little girl. In her craziness she is so excited that she gets to go back and see him again. We made her appt a few weeks in the future, thinking she needed time to relax and not be scared. She is bugging me about when she can go back. Here I thought she was going to be scared forever.
Anyone else been there? When you just keep thinking tomorrow will be better? I feel like sometimes I am wishing the day away. Just wishing it to end. Things are better now and I am so thankful for those people that helped me. It will get better tomorrow? Not sure that is a good way to live!


Butterfly said...

Sometimes we are all faced with trials in life where the only way we can get through them is to believe that there can be a better tomorrow. It's the only thing that can pull us through because it we didn't believe things would get better, we'd run away.

Kylee said...

Oh Stacy I am so there with you. I say it to my hubby every night, "This has got to get better." I am still waiting. I believe things usually do get better, just not always on our time table.

Heidi Hiller said...

so who did you end up taking her too? I'm glad she is better! Sorry we couldn't have helped out more than we did!!