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Saturday, February 27, 2010

That me Laugh..

I went to the health food store today.
Not to buy healthy but to get dairy-free.
However, there was this guy outside that was finishing off his cig.
You know before you go into a store that will charge you out the root for gum.
Now, I am just trying to figure this one out.
Smoke-Health Food Organics store.
You know those veggies with chemicals can kill you!!

See in life you can find his annoying person who you want to beat with a bat,
while you are still driving or, you can laugh.
Today this is on the laugh list.
This critter liked to hang out in my blide spot.
I went faster..He went faster
You get the point.
Then someone totally cut me off!!
I find it funny cause these folks think they have way more important things and places.
Lucky for me I have no where to go and nothing to do.
Wait, that might be true. see former post.
But still R E S P E C T.

People make me laugh.
Some say laugh or cry.
Mine might be more like I laugh at you or a smack you with my bat.
Anger management anyone....
Really. I will stick with the laughing.

Join in with my laugh post.
I would love to read yours!!
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