Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Friday, March 5, 2010

Go Ahead and Judge ME

I confess:
  • I cleaned my fridge this week.
  • Super me.
  • If it wasn't only the second time in the three years we have lived here.
  • I guess I have three good no fridge cleaning years ahead of me.
  • My baby plays with legos while I shower.
  • I lock her in the bathroom with me and a box of teeny tiny legos.
  • She likes to put the hats on and off.
  • Yes I know she could choke and die.
  • I girls gotta shower sometime OK!!
  • I took a bike ride alone this week.
  • I have no friends. Nobody would join me.
  • It was good since my legs where moving but the bike was not!
  • Yes I was that person you see and you want to roll down your window and yell, "Just give up and go home, you aren't going anywhere."
  • What, I can't be the only person that thinks that when you pass "runners" that you could walk past. Am I?
  • I am a mom.
  • I love all the glory that comes with it.
  • I would rather do something with my husband and kids than with you!!
  • They are fun.
  • Most of the time.
  • The rest is when you see me "running" around outside screaming.
  • Next time you see me tell me to go home I'm not really running anyways.
  • Love you all.


Tanada said...

You're making the rest of us look bad. I haven't cleaned my fridge yet. I have to admit as well that I let Lillian play with toys that specifically say 3yrs and up.

Brittney said...

Lol I lock my little one in the room while i shower too!!! Sometimes thats the only option!! haha!!!

Jessica Jones, ATL Mom of 3 said...

I totally agree with Tanada! Your supposed to clean out thefridge????

Your confessions cracked me up! Just glad I am not the only one with no friends! Apparently standing up or yourself when they are being bacstabbing mtherbitchesdoesn;t go over so well...their loss right??


thanks for stopping by! I am going to follow you...NOW

Slurkin' Stasha said...

When my daughter was a baby I used to lock her in the bathroom with me, for the sole purpose of taking a shower. Sometimes there was no alternative...

Clean the fridge?? You mean people actually CLEAN THE FRIDGE?? LOL

Glamazon said...

What the? You'd rather do things with your kids and hubby than ME? Now that hurts :) I'd rather do things ALONE than with ANYONE. So there. Yes, I love the 'run walkers.' Like walking so slow, but bouncing with every step so it looks like a jog. Seriously, you could just walk and prolly get a better workout.

That's awesome you went for a bike ride! I don't think I could-pretty sure my booty would eat the seat and then we wouldn't be able to find it.

Thanks for playing, you are hilarious, as always!

Jaymi said...

I lock my kids in the closet when I shower....or just for not really 7&5 they can get out of the closet now! :)