Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I went to a wonderful class tonight about taking better care of our bodies. How this body is the only one that you get and that there is so much bad stuff around that we are putting into it. It was a good class and I look forward to learning more about that.
It was especially interesting because I have been thinking about this lately. I started out thinking about how some people are fun and how some people aren't. You know what I mean?? Some people make everything more enjoyable and there are those others that you cringe a little when you find out they are coming. They are downers. I hope I am not a downer.
There are some people that make you feel bigger and better and like you can do anything. I think we all have those friends. You know like when you say, "I worked really hard today and ran 2 miles." Person #1 says, "that is sooo great. You are a super star. Sometime I want to come with you but you might leave me in your dust!!" Person#2 says, "you can do more, I have to still run my 1000 miles this afternoon. How fast did you run, are you sure it was that far? Is it everyday or just one?" We all know those people.
I think as women we are born with a lower self esteem then men. Like we come out thinking that we aren't super, let's all be real most men think they are super. Anyho, point coming sometime..... While I was run/jogging today I made a decision. I am done with the downers. Those people that make you feel like less when you leave them. People that make you feel like nothing is good enough and depressed. I am trading them in for people that make me feel smart and loved and like I can conquer the world. I know I some people you can't get away from. Some are in your church or your neighborhood or even your family. Still I hope you join me in limiting the interaction you have to have with those people. We all deserve more.


Heather said...

I never really gave a thought to what I would eat, whatever tasted good, within reason, is what went in my body. Then I became pregnant and breastfed after so I was more careful about eating better, but still wasn't eating as well as I should. Then I had to have my gallbladder removed, partly genetics were to blame, but so was I...because of all the bad food I'd eaten over the years. I did this to myself! It has never been more clear to me that what you eat to nourish your body has a big impact.

I think age can help get us to the point where we just want to cut out all the negativity, including those people who only feel better about themselves when they're putting someone else down. What's up with that anyway? Aren't we, as women, hard enough on ourselves? We should try to support and empower each other rather than knock each other down with negative comments. I think its great that you have committed to weeding out the people around you who bring you down...something we should all do!

Tylaine said...

Great it! Totally something I need to work on!
I left you something on my blog :)

Crazy Mom of Four said...

Here is a little something for you on my blog!

Kat said...

It's always good to trade those who make you feel lousy for more of the kind that make you feel good. It's just better for your health all around!

Liseylew said...

that last paragraph struck a chord in me... so relating... love your post!

Jacque said...

stacy, you need to tell me more about what you learned (as I sit with drinking my diet coke!) LAtely I just feel like I'm feeding my kids crap for dinner!! And if ever i'm the downer, just hash it out with me so that we can get over it and move on to being friends again!!

Glamazon said...

Ah, what a great, poignant post! Loved it. It's true...its so hard as a woman to find our own self-worth, and unfortunately there are those among us who can't feel good without making someone else feel bad.

Let's hear it for positivity! Hooray!