Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Monday, April 26, 2010


Yep, I did. I might do it again too. You see I was all ready to go to this fantastic place today. I have been working on getting the kids outfits so I could takes some cute pictures of them all week. I can't tell you how many stores I went to. I even drove to another city to try and find something that #1 would like. We shopped for hours and hours. I have been wanting to go to these gardens for three years but I have never made it during this special spring event. Not once. Every year I mourn that I have missed and it promise that next year nothing will get in my way.
Ready for the bad part. So I asked the husband to come and help me with the kids so I could take some really cute pictures of each of them alone. He said ok, Friday. Well Thursday he called me and said nope he couldn't do it on Friday and by the way he would be gone all day on Saturday. WHAT!! Ok, deep breath. So he said Monday would work. I planned on Monday. I had a few errands to run and I got the kids clothes all out and told him what else I needed for the day. I left and came home to hungry kids a husband that hadn't eaten lunch and nobody was ready to go. Really!! This is something I have been planning for a week. Well, really three years. Guess what he was doing.... playing the Wii.
I gave up and I am here typing this instead of taking pictures of my dreams in a beautiful place. Really I could just sit here and cry all night.


Heather said...

Very frustrating...especially when husbands don't get how important certain things are to us. Playing Wii...seriously?! I hope you are still able to get those amazing pictures taken soon.

Heidi Hiller said...

:( Dang... sometimes the ones we love the most can be the ones who hurt us the most! Darn husband!! Should have slapped him!

Liseylew said...

MEN!!!! for rude!!! Im sorry Stacy!!! i wish we were better buddies! I love little people AND I love pretty gardens! I would have helped!! We can do things without stinky men!!

Jacque said...

That dang Wii! It gets even the greatest of husbands sometimes! You know the same thing happened to me. Come on over anytime you need to vent!

Glamazon said...

Oh my, I feel your frustration! That is so hard...I'm so sorry. Hopefully it can be done sometime in the near future! :)