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Sunday, August 23, 2009

On a Serious Note

So today I was watching a lifetime movie. Yes there you go I admitted it. I watch lifetime movies. How can you not I mean they suck you right in. Back to the point. This particular show was about HIV and AIDS. So you see there was a reason a got sucked into this show. In my life before marriage and children I worked in an AIDS clinic. We did out reach and education as well as counseling and testing. It was a wonderful time in my  life. It was very educational and a life changing time. I wanted to take this time to remind everyone that this is not something that doesn't effect everyone.  I think sometimes we get in our own world and forget that one single decision can change your life and the life of those that love you forever. I think that every single person should be tested. In Utah you don't have to have a test to get a marriage license, some states you do. I think this is an illustration of how people think here. People think that every person only has one partner their whole life, well, yes that would be great if that was true. Truth is that even in highly religious states people are still doing things behind closed doors that you might be surprised at. I want to encourage everyone that is out there to go and get a test. It might be an uncomfortable thing for you to ask your doctor about. That doesn't mean that it isn't something that you should do. No matter what you think and what you think that people will think of you go get tested. If every person would go get tested so many people that needed treatment could get it and so many people that are infected would know and not infect other people. You might think that you don't need to because you know you aren't infected, well maybe you are right but we need to start somewhere. So there is my rant about this topic that I am still passionate about years later. Remind those you love that every person can be affected. Remind them to be careful and to make good decisions, informed decisions. Talk to your kids, they are doings things or their friends are doing things well before you think that they are.  I wondered about posting something like this and what people would infer from such a post. Then I thought that it reminded me about the basis of this whole idea, the stigma still surrounding this horrible situation. I hope that someone out there will read this and learn something and remember to be safe. If you really love your family and friends this will be a topic you talk about not something you hide from. Love them enough to have the courage to discuss uncomfortable things.  You now know that I love all you enough to make us both a tad uncomfortable.

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Tanada said...

Thanks for bringing up a serious and important subject. Education is never a bad idea. I believe Utah should be more open to more education on "touchy" subjects and everyone will be better off.