Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sharks and Jets

There you go Mike that was for you. I can't think about West Side Story and not think of our first real conversion. So you can stop now or you can read on if you want. I have been a super whiner lately about how I am so ready to be gone. Gone from all the drama all the craziness. I was talking to my new friend the other day and she was telling me all the same things but it was for where she was living not me. So this made me think, is it them or me. Hence the Sharks and Jets reference. Here we are two groups, fighting against each other, both thinking that the other is dumb and worthy of running away from at the speed of light. So is it them or me? Is it my craziness or not. There is the us vs them mentality. Which I was sure would go away if I moved somewhere new. I suppose that is not true, you have crazy drama and Sharks and Jets, until you die. Let us hope that then there is some relief from the drama.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! stacy....mike is going to love this...

Your right tho--I have thought the very same thing. about ALOT of different "drama and hardships" along my journey. Is it ME? or them.....
i think i feel better thinking its them. and I feel better hopeing Im not a drama queen that needs to wear a crown. I think i will just leave it at that! Makes me feel better anyways.... :)