Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Monday, October 26, 2009

My secrets

My lovely friend Melissa challenged me to as she did everyone that reads her blog to blog about 10 secrets about you. So here you go!

  1. I started out school premed. Which I attacked with all my passion until I had a wonderful professor that opened my eyes. I learned there were some sacrifices I was not willing to make for my dreams. They would be replaced by new dreams.
  2. I love to cook. You will know I have lost it by how my house smells when you come over. Dirty pee diapers, you know I am good. Something yummy in the oven, prepare yourself for a storm.
  3. I have a panic disorder. Somedays are worse than others. It makes life alot harder than it should be. One day when I am done with babies I will go back to taking my medicine. Might be why I am so scared of the dark. I hate the dark. Scary things hid in the dark!
  4. Even in size 6 I feel huge. I know shut up me right. We all see each others bodies different than we do our own. You might think your hair is dumb, but I love it. You might think I am tiny but I am so over that stuff hanging over the top of those jeans. So you back off and let me be bugged!
  5. I have a temper. Did you get that from my last thing. Yes I have a really bad temper. Want me to watch your bratty kids yet?? I am much better then I was but when I lose it, watch out. And don't ever mess with mama's babies.
  6. Humm this is hard. I try to be an open person. If you take the time to learn about me I am all about letting you in. If you don't take the time, well then you stopped reading this by now.
  7. I don't cry. Really I hardly ever cry. Somewhere along the way I stopped crying. I think it means that I am emotionally stunted. But I rarely cry. Poor Steve he is usually the one crying. Ask the kids, they think it is funny.
  8. I am a nerd. I love the discovery channel and watching crazy gross documentaries. I like doing math in my head. I like reading non fiction books. I love going to school and learning something new.
  9. I think most people are dumb. I try really hard to think that everyone is doing their best. That doesn't work very well for me. I still think they are dumb and should shut up and stop whining. It might take up some of my whining time if I have to listen to you whine too.
  10. I like to workout. It is hard to get the motivation to start. But once I am doing it I love it. I love going to the gym. When the kids go to school, I mean the last kids, I might be a gym rat.
There you go. Might be more then you would want to know about me. But hey, love it or leave it baby.


Melissa said...

You can totally feel huge in a size 6. I feel hot in a 12, so it's all about where YOU feel good. :)

I have panic attacks all the time. I have to take ambien at night or i will stay up all night, every night worrying.

I loved your 10 honest things! Awesome!

Butterfly said...

I thought these were supposed to be secrets! I already know most of that! lol! :-)

Love ya Stacy!

Anonymous said...

i luv you....every bit of you!

I laughed out loud reading these.

Jacque said...

I think I cry ALL the time. Seriously, I think commercials do it to me the most. Again, am I one of those dumb people? You have me seriously questioning it.
Thanks for sharing your secrets. If I can come up with ten, then I'll blog it too.