Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Thursday, October 22, 2009

You think I'm cool

I came home the other day and checked the answering machine. There was nothing there. So then I checked the caller id. You know to see if someone had called but decided not to leave a message. It was clear as well. So then I went on to check my email, nothing from any real human. At least all those newsletters love me. Then I checked my facebook and next my blog. I know you are wondering why in the world I have so much time. It was a bit of an experiment. I was thinking how when I was young it was all about the answering machine. That was how you knew if you were cool. Then you got caller id. You got to know who was calling you and who was calling you and did not want you to know they were calling. Then we all got email. You remember the whole you've got mail thing. Next came the blog and the need for followers and comments. Then came facebook, and who wrote on your wall or how many friends you have. So what is next? What will be the next measure of if you are cool or not? I have to say that I think I might not be cool anymore. I have less than 300 facebook friends. To be honest, I am not sure I even know that many people.


mandie said...

you are cool. and you don't need an electronic device to tell you so. why would I be friends with you otherwise??

Butterfly said...

Oh come now...who wants to be cool?
I'm not cool anymore.....I'm totally awesome now! HAHA! :)

Heidi Hiller said...

I'm so glad I am your friend!! :)
You are SUPER cool too BTW!!

Melissa said...

What the what the? ONLY 300 fb friends? Now, if you had said only 3, i would have felt bad. Please-you are SO popular, plus you are supamommy! I think you're fab.

Jacque said...

I agree that "friends" is often used loosely. But hey, at this point, I think I may be ready to pay someone to be my friend. It could become their full time job.