Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old Fashioned and Lost

So here is the thing. I was raised in a southern area. You know like in the movies when men would stand or tip their hat at you. Yes, people, the men wear hats! Oh and opening the door!! How I miss that. I tell ya you can have 19 kids with 14 in strollers trying to get in the door and he will just be standing there waiting impatiently for you to get a move on it!! Ok, I feel better. Not even what I was going to talk about.
So #2 the lone boy in the land of girls takes out the garbage. This is his daily job. I am proud to say that most days he gets off because we recycle and our trash doesn't fill up that fast. One of those days he was doing it I thought to myself, hum, I think that is totally a boy job. I have never had my daughter take out the trash even though she is older. Am I alone here? Do you think some jobs are boy jobs and some are girl jobs? Keep your bras on. Not that either person can't do the others jobs, but if they are around aren't there things you just think they should do??
Another question that I have been milling over in my mind... Do you think you can do too much me stuff? I know that people say that to take care of others that you have to take care of yourself first. I think this is true. I really do, not that I am the best at practicing this principle but still. Lately I have been noticing that some mothers have been having such the need for me time and me things that they are really starting to think about me before the we. You know what I mean?? I think that when you decide to be a mom that you decide that you will come at the end of the list most days. I think that some times it gets to be your time and you get to enjoy things that you love. I just don't think that it is everyday and everything. I think it should be more about your kids and their needs and wants than your own. Am I alone and crazy??? Did that make any sense at all? Do I just need to get into gear or what?


Todd said...

That's why I stay up until 1 am... it's the only "me" time I get...speaking of that. It's been awhile since we ran for a that "me" time or is that just "hurry and get me out of here right this second" time?

Todd said...

oh that darn todd!! Sorry. I'll log him out and log me back in next time I post...ok, so I can't promise that.

Liz H said...

I think girls should do boy jobs. We live in a world where the world is the office. Men travel and often the women are left at home to take care of things. I only have boys, but if I had a girl the chores would still rotate her way. I grew up with 5 sisters and 7 brothers and the boys took care of the "boy" jobs most of the time, but I'm so glad my mom taught me how to suck it up and get the job done whether it was my job or not.

Liz H said...

Me Time: I really have come to hate that phrase. I STRONGLY feel that we need to be engaged in the home. Looking for any and every chance to get away from our kids/husband/home is just wrong. I agree that you need to take care of yourself (health, needs) but if you ever use your job, church calling, friends, etc as an excuse to get out of our homes – we have fallen for one of Satan’s worst traps. It’s the family that’s under fire and we should be engaged, protecting and building it constantly. If we bail for “me time” all the time we’re going to be raising really selfish children. I’m going with what the prophets have said. If you need “me time” (I’m paraphrasing) then get out and serve someone (your own family included).

Liz H said...

Jacque - slushy time is good time (unless it's every night) - Then check the "How healthy is this for me?" box and "How much money did I waste this month putting this much weight on me?"

When I'm losing it I always think of that story about the Mom who just wants to go home to heaven for one night and Heavenly Father says you can't come here, I'd never get you to go back. But I can come to you.

I also grocery shop at 11 pm so I don't run into anyone I know, my husband's home with the kids, my kids are in bed and I can wander aimlessly, think and recommit to the rest of the week. I love midnight shopping!

Robin said...

I think that girls and boys should both be able to do any chore possible, I have only girls and I want them to be able to accomplish me that is doing whatever needs to be done..I, my self am very resourceful and able bodied and I want my girls to be able do what needs to be done. I think "me" time comes in spurts when you can get it, and as the kids get older you have more opportunity for that time for yourself..having children is a long term commitment, but not everyone feels that way in today's society..!

Butterfly said...

I do believe there are 'boy' jobs and 'girl' jobs but that both should be able to do the other. I have a husband that is a wonderful father because he didn't stick with kids being a 'girls' job as was taught. I on the other can do everything my husband can do and more at times....but I've found that he feels better when I step back and let him fix the wall or the wiring....or even mow the lawn. I know it's lame, but he feels needed when I do that...even tho he knows I am more than capable of doing it.

As for "me" time, I believe there is a very fine line there. You have to ask yourself why you are doing it. There's alot of times I want to run away, take off, go out with the girls, that kind of stuff...but it's just because I want to. But I have my times when I am ready to snap. I have found taking care of my health & needs like Liz talked about has definitely helped with that.

Liz, good for you going shopping at 11pm! I don't know how you have the energy! I'm out cold by that time. :)