Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Thursday, February 18, 2010

WOW! Friday AGAIN...


I confess:

  • I am old
  • People go out and play at like 9.
  • I am about to go to bed.
  • I need sleep.
  • The kids do get up at the crack on dawn.
  • Sometimes it isn't even light outside.
  • Don't tell #3 that. She will scream and wake everyone up.
  • Her idea of light is just different I guess.
  • I decide in our first few minutes if I am interested in you.
  • My friendships are like speed dating.
  • Yes I like you, nope I don't
  • Try not the be stupid in our first meeting or it is OVER.
  • I might be judgmental??
  • I just don't have time for stupid people.
  • Sorry stupid people find yourself another friend.
  • I am super sure that I am not a stupid person myself.
  • Kinda sure.
  • Well your stupid.
  • I hear in my head, "Mom, we don't say that word."
  • Good thing only one can read that word.
  • The word is Stupid. :)


Jessica Jones, ATL Mom of 3 said...

oooooo you said a BAD word! I am SO telling #3 on you! My #3 likes to say Shut up and i don;t like your face...I am one proud momma!

I am no a follower and goin to steal your button

hannah said...

ha, ha, ha... Facebook says we are friends. Does that mean I'm not stupid? I'm pretty sure I'm stupid at least 25.375% of the time. Sigh.

Brittney said...

LOL! love it!!

Glamazon said...

hahahaha, you are SOOO funny! So, since you joined my confessional, am I not stoopid? Even though I insist on spelling it stoopid, cuz I think that fits the definition better?

I am in bed by 9. Too many children.

Thanks for playing!

Tanada said...

I'm pretty sure that makes me stupid cause you broke up with me on my blog for not commenting on yours. Thats ok, if I'm stupid I'd rather know it than not. Although that logic does suggest that I'm not stupid (that's a thinker eh!)