Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This better make me feel better!

Are you ready??
  • My newest best idea is a commune.
  • Yes don't you think that sounds great??
  • Everyone working together to get things done.
  • Everyone sharing and loving and all.
  • I should have been born earlier.
  • When it is just #4, the husband, and me I feel like I should leave.
  • They are the bestest friends ever and I kinda always feel like the third wheel.
  • Is that wrong? I do love her, I just am pretty sure she connects with him more.
  • I think most people are dumb.
  • Still loving me....
  • Really I think that most people are super high strung about stupid things and I find it annoying.
  • I am not much of a feelings person so I am pretty sure at some point I will hurt yours.
  • The husband was mentioning to me today that I might be a bit to blunt.
  • If you don't want blunt then don't act stupid.
  • I think the allergy medicine that is keeping me alive is making me grumpy.
  • Maybe that or my period, or the stomach flu, or the crazy zoo that lives here with me.
  • I need a vacation.
  • Bowling anyone???


Tylaine said...

High strung about stupid things lady here! :)
Note to self: If you don't want blunt, don't be stupid! haha! I gotta remember that one :)

Jaymi said...

I think Blunt is good! I think periods suck! and allergy meds are bitter sweet, hate to take them feel like I'll die if I dont!

Glamazon said...

Hmm...maybe pregnant? (Did you just gasp and yell no? Cuz I would have :) My middle girls totally connect with Ivan-they couldn't care less if I was there, but my oldest is totally mini me. It works out, as long as baby boy ends up liking me the most. We need things balanced around here.

Nothing wrong with blunt, especially if you're a guy. I think its just hard when you're a woman cuz we're all into emotions and feelings and stuff :)

SO glad you played!

blueviolet said...

Your bluntness is just honesty, right? ;)

Oka said...

What time should we meet up, your alley or mine?

Butterfly said...

You are not are honest. :-) Okay, that's how I rationlize my bluntness. It works right? I wouldn't like you much if you weren't blunt. I can trust that when I call to see if you can watch my kids, if you don't feel like it, you will tell me. If you think I'm being overly annoyed by something, you'll tell me. If I look fat in a pair of jeans you will tell me!

"If you don't want blunt then don't act stupid"
There's good blunt too. You'll get it both ways with me. Just don't act stupid if you don't want to hear the bad stuff!

Joy Taylor said...

I wonder if the government will pay for that vacation!

Kerry said...

Nothing wrong with being blunt, I like it that way too. Plus being stupid is annoying, blunt's better than stupid anyday.

Hope u feel better soon hon! :)

Thanx for stopping by my blog.

Lourie said...

I am sitting here smiling and nodding all the way. Except maybe the commune. I am thinking I just need a wife next time. haha.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

mintifresh said...

You bring the snickers, I'll bring the bowling shoes! ;)

Crazy Mom of Four said...

I love it! Very funny! I'm your newest follower!

Brandice said...

"If you don't want blunt then don't act stupid" CRACKS ME UP! I try to have a little tact, most of the time, but inside my head there are certainly some things I wish I could blurt out and feel confident about it! I think I need to follow so I can learn some skills about telling it like it is.

Sorry about your allergies. Bummer.