Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I confess:
  • Not that kind of late!! Ha that was fun.
  • I lost my iphone at IKEA.
  • Yep I looked everywhere. The tracker says it is still there.
  • But now it has gone to sleep so maybe it isn't there anymore.
  • Maybe someone nice will find it and bring it home....
  • I think facebook sucks.
  • I'll give you a moment to recover.
  • Ok, I think it is just another way to make you feel stupid.
  • You know like when you check your blog and nobody commented on your post??
  • That happen to anyone but me...
  • Or you visit a blog and they have a million followers and you have 3.
  • I still love those 3 but makes you wonder about yourself??
  • Sooo I'm done posting on facebook.
  • If you post you lost your much loved iphone and your "friends" all ignore you,
  • Yep, not even one ,"Oh, I am so sorry I'm on my way over with icecream."
  • Not that I can eat icecream, but the gesture would have been nice.
  • I'm done with things that make you feel yucky and unloved.
  • Good thing I have my commenters on the Friday Confessionals!!
  • I hope this coming week is less eventful.
  • Guess I could have lost one of the kids.
  • That would have been worse.
  • Maybe.


sammy said...

i cannot stand facebook but its not as bad as myspace.

i wanted to cremate myspace.

i dont want to cremate FB, i just want to punch it in the belly and take its lunch money.

so needless to say i share your disliking ; )

Tanada said...

Oh I'll go comment on your post! I know the feeling. I sometimes thing I am the only one who has nobody interested in what's going on, then it makes me think that my life is boring. Yeah, I'm gonna go comment on your post now! By the way, I did come check this because I was worried you meant the other late :-)

Heidi Hiller said...

I was worried you meant you're late as in... just like Tanada!! Ha ha ha
Although, that wouldn't be that bad, since you have very beautiful babies!!! :)
You should totally have my number memorized anyway... I doubt I need to give it to you again!!

Anonymous said...

i wanna punch FB in the face!

sorry bout your phone...blah...
i was gone with NO internet so i have an excuse why i didn't comment