Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm naughty.


I confess...

  • So I lost it a couple of week ago at a lady at the store.
  • She was the second person in a week to ask if all my kids were mine.
  • The first one was the standard, "Do you run a daycare?"
  • Gets under my skin!!
  • I responded, "Nope, I just called around and rounded up all the kids I could that were under seven so I could take them out to dinner by myself."
  • She just stared at me.
  • I should have paid more attention.
  • Then I could go back and say how sorry I was for yelling at her.
  • But really, why do people say stupid things!!
  • I am a whiner and I hate whiners.
  • Funny isn't it.
  • I think everyone else should get a grip.
  • See I don't think the world is out there to help me.
  • Aren't I a ray of sunshine?
  • I need something sweet.
  • I hear thunder.
  • Now I am smiling.
  • Mood swings anyone?


Glamazon said...

hahaha, seriously love it. I get asked if I run a daycare all the time. In front of my adopted kids. That must do wonders for their self-esteem. Why do people need to know every little thing about your life? It's not like they care about you, they're just curious. I think everyone should take a big dose of 'mind your own beeswax.'

Your response was brilliant.

Thanks for playing!

Heidi Hiller said...

I wish I could have seen you snap at her!!
Why would these people even think to say or ask?? You don't have that many kids compared to some!!
19 and counting!!???
love it!
the thunder made me smile too!! :)

Anonymous said...

It ticks me off when I get asked that or asked, "You're done now aren't you?" I have 3 kids! And you know what, maybe I'm done, maybe I'm not. Whats it to ya! I don't see you over here raising them. Ugh, some people can be so annoying. And yes, we are totally cool! :)

mintifresh said...

I always need something sweet, have mood swings and rarely go out in public with my 3 kids due to the stares I seem to get. Plus, I feel like I need to apologize to everyone for venturing out!

Brittney said...

LOL! Love it!! Why would anyone ask you that...if you were indeed running a day care why on earth would you take kids that werent yours out & about... I would have just said HERES UR SIGN! lol

Mrs. B. Roth said...

Mood swings much.

When there isn't candy here, I chew my nails ... sigh .. .they are very very short, bordering on painful.

Kerry said...

Gee, that's rude of people to ask you that!! Love your response tho, lol.

Thanx for checking out my blog. :)

Tylaine said...

LOL don't you hate it when people say tupid things! I'll join you in the mood swings though! :)

Thanks for stopping by my newbie blog :)

Kat said...

People like that deserve a smack! You had great restraint!

Tanada said...

Seriously stacey you need to go back and find that lady and appologize, or you'll never be able to sleep lol. Obviously if she was so stupid as to ask you the daycare question (which isn't nearly as clever as people seem to think it is) then she is way too stupid to realize that you were ticked off at her. Chalk it up to a life lesson that she obviously didn't get and at least you did your best to help her learn better social skills (you can't change the world alone, you know)